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Romeo x Juliet Lyrical icontest
Recent Entries 
4th-Nov-2007 08:55 pm - Week 15: Unwell by Matchbox 20
Shugo Chara - Suu
I'm a little slow with putting up week 15. But here it is~

I really should work on my art......Collapse )

Icons due SATURDAY NOVEMBER 10 @ 4:00 pm EST!
Shugo Chara - Suu
Its another week and another voting period~! This week you have 7 lovely icons to vote on!

Special category is Most Interesting
; 3; Why must kids dressing up as Power Rangers be my weaknessCollapse )

Voting closes SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4 @ 9:00PM EST!
31st-Oct-2007 10:04 pm - Reminder!
Shugo Chara - Suu
A quick reminder to submit for week 14~! We only have 2 icons so far and more are needed!



Submit to a 'thriller' week 14!
Shugo Chara - Suu
Voting was fun to tally up! Especially because I kept laughing at myself in cruel and hilarious manner. I do this a lot.

Now with dragon slaying action! ♥Collapse )

This week is my turn to do banners, so comment if you like one~!

And enter week 14's Halloween loving challenge~!
28th-Oct-2007 09:04 pm - Week 14: Thriller by Michael Jackson
Shugo Chara - Suu
In honor of it being Halloween this week, and me forgetting that last week was week 13 and it would've made more sense... WE ARE GOING OLD SCHOOL!

Poor trick-or-treaters... Having me give out candy... ; 3;Collapse )

Icons due SATURDAY NOVEMBER 3 @ 4:00 pm EST!

Please vote for Week 13! Voting has also been extended to tomorrow night~.

On a side note rxj_lyrical has a new profile layout~. I also updated the winners page.
29th-Oct-2007 02:42 am - THE LATE BANNERS
Rise - sexy
I have no excuses. I totally suck at life. Have been dead, hermiting, school sucks, blahdiblah, school totally sucks, have been in rehab from school overdose, real life is a drag, more blah... whatever you call it, this is late and its all my fault. You have complete permission to throw me down a virtual cliff, ariyaki. (But I still love you, yes?)

(Otherwise known as the late banner post from those who requested at this post.)

implication (5)
akina_otani (3)
clymnestra (2)
thejupitermako (1)

Strange little girls...Collapse )


Here you go, guys. Per usual, just comment if you've taken, and if there's anything wrong, don't hesitate to inform me. <3

ariyaki, I know I've asked this a thousand times before, but forgive me? *pleads* And I'm sorry about the latest banner assignment, argh, lj screwed up on me. I didn't even see the community post in my friend's page. Urk.

(I'll totally understand if you hate me though. ;___; But I swear I still love you!)

Shugo Chara - Suu
O= Its been weeks since we've had 7 icons. I'm crying tears of joy on the inside.

Special Category is Best Crop

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?Collapse )

Voting closes SUNDAY OCTOBER 28 @ 9:00pm EST!
20th-Oct-2007 08:49 pm - Week 11 & 12: Banners
Princess and the Frog
Hello there! Here are the banners for weeks 11 and 12...

Pickups for:
akina_otani (2)
implication (2)

pick up pleaseCollapse )
Lucky * Star
Before I forget and go back to working on my fashion homework, here is week 13! Beware of black cats~

I've been crawling in the darkCollapse )

Icons due SATURDAY OCTOBER 27 @ 4:00 pm EST!
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