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Romeo x Juliet Lyrical icontest
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3rd-Dec-2007 09:53 pm - Extension
Shugo Chara - Suu
I would really love more votes~. So please vote and voting will close Tuesday December 4 @ 4:00pm EST!

Vote for Week 16, please!
Shugo Chara - Suu
O= Voting up before 9:00pm?! MADNESS!

-cough- Ahem.... We have 5 splendid icons for your voting pleasure~!

Have you opened you advent calendar yet?Collapse )

Voting closes SUNDAY DECEMBER 2 @ 9:00pm EST!
30th-Nov-2007 07:03 am - Late reminder is late~
Kaere Kimura
I totally forgot about this..... >_____> Just giving everyone a reminder that Week 16 icons are due Saturday. We only have 2 right now, and more are needed/loved! ♥

Submit to Week 16~~ You know you want to!

Now its time for me to take out the garbage and get some sleep~.
Kaere Kimura
After a very awkward conversation with a friend.... Week 16 is finally up and ready to go~!

Black Friday seems like a terrifying thing.Collapse )

Icons due SATURDAY DECEMBER 1 @ 4:00 pm EST!
Shugo Chara - Suu
My apologizes to everyone waiting for the results. I was hoping maybe some more votes. Though its probably my fault for not putting up Week 16's submission post.

Results~Collapse )

This week I'll take care of banners~ I have my brothers computer for a little while! So comment if you would like one.

Hopefully I'll be able to get Week 16 up soon.
18th-Nov-2007 12:28 am - Week 15: Unwell by Matchbox 20 Voting
Kaere Kimura
I fail at putting voting up on time... Anyways, this week we have 5 icons~!

Santa is coming to town~Collapse )
Voting closes MONDAY NOVEMBER 19 @ 7pm!
16th-Nov-2007 09:31 pm - Reminder!
Shugo Chara - Suu
Before my mother kicks me off her computer. Sorry for not giving an reminder on Wednesday, I was a busy beaver!

We still only have 3 submissions, and more will be totally awesome and/or rad.

Come on and submit for week 15~!
10th-Nov-2007 07:47 pm - Extension
Shugo Chara - Suu
My apologizes for forgetting the reminder this week. Unfortunately we only have 3 icons this week, so an extension has been given. Icons are due Saturday November 17 @ 4pm!

Submit for week 15, darlings~

Also a little note to week 13 winners, I most likely will be late with the banners. The computer I normally use to do them is being shipped out for repairs soon. ; A;
Shugo Chara - Suu
Finally that tiebreaker is broken~. Here are our week 14 winners!

Read more...Collapse )

This week's banner maker is psychedelic_aya! So comment if you would like one! ♥

Week 15 could use a little love~ ♥
4th-Nov-2007 10:06 pm - Week 14: Tiebreaker~!
Shion = Shit!
We haven't had one of these in a while!

Collapse )
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